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  • Anthem MRX 520

    Anthem MRX 520

    5.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver - Featuring Anthem's world famous ARC you can rest assured that your movie nights will be spectacular. Add to that the fact that this is possibly one of the most musically agile receivers available and you have something quite remarkable.
  • Anthem MRX 1120

    Anthem MRX 1120

    £2,999.00 £4,399.00
    11 Channel Atmos AV Receiver - A masterful powerhouse that recreates movies and music with all the drama and realism they deserve. The Anthem MRX 1120 is a true masterpiece.
  • Anthem MRX 720

    Anthem MRX 720

    £2,690.00 £2,999.00
    7 Channel Atmos AV Receiver - Take your home cinema experience to the next level with the Anthem MRX 720. Featuring Anthems critically acclaimed features and legendary sonic signature whether its music or movies, you will be entertained.
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Anthem AV Receivers & Stereo Amplifiers

Although they are a relatively young brand Anthem have made a huge impact in the AV World. Their AV Receivers are critically acclaimed not just for the way they perform with movies but with music too.

Anthem’s pre-amps, amplifiers and audio/video receivers give you the most advanced tools available to easily connect, control, optimise and power all of your entertainment systems.

Backed by over 20 years of home-grown, hands-on design and innovative audio engineering experience, Anthem products provide an unprecedented level of reliability and functionality; they deliver one of the industry’s highest performance-to-value equations. This is just one reason why Anthem electronics are the choice of knowledgeable audiophiles, professional musicians and engineers the world over.

Another reason is probably their advanced proprietary technologies, like Anthem Room Correction (ARC®), the industry’s leading audio optimiser. Pros love its accuracy, and casual listeners love the profound results of its easy interface. The non-invasive Advanced Load Monitoring (ALM) circuitry in our amplifiers constantly monitors temperature, current and voltage to ensure optimum long-term performance.

In addition, our unique input topology reduces distortion and improves linear response. Anthem's independent power supply design, along with oversized, super-efficient heatsink designs, reinforces the bulletproof stability of Anthem products. In fact, they carefully select all of their internal components, many of which are engineered exclusively in-house at Anthem, like their hand-designed circuit boards and huge, precision-wound toroidal transformers.

As Hifi, Home Cinema, Wireless Multiroom & Smart Home Specialists we are proud to offer products that have been created with the same passion that we too have. Thank you Anthem for allowing us to showcase your products to the world.