Audiolab 8300A Black Stereo Amplifier

Premium looks and a superior performance make the Audiolab 8300A a Hifi delight. Throw in its multi purpose functionality and its quite hard to resist.
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Integrated Stereo Amplifier & Pre Amp - Audiolab 8300A

Our Opinion - When we heard that Audiolab were releasing an updated model in the critically acclaimed 8000 series we were not quite sure what to expect, after all the 8200A seemed like pure perfection in this price range. We imagined that it would be more of an evolutionary upgrade, we were wrong, it is a revolutionary upgrade. The new dual mono amplifier design reveals a supremely clean and capable soundstage which drove a selection of our speakers with spades of power and refinement. The built in Phono Stage is of such high quality that you would have to spend a considerable amount to even match the performance from a standalone unit, the built in phono stage allowed our vinyl to retain its traditional warmth yet with a modern digital feel allowing us to experience every part of the song without undue emphasis on any part of the frequency range. Add to this the fact that you can use the 8300A as a pre amp in conjunction with a power amp ( we would recommend the 8300MB for a perfect aesthetic match ) and you have a multi purpose amplifier that sounds and looks sublime. On Demo In-Store

Revolutionary Design

Completely redesigned from scratch, Audiolabs new integrated amplifier, the 8300A is miles ahead of what was already an industry-leader. Higher power, an additional phono stage and new Audiolab styling means the amplifier is more stylish and more versatile than ever. Most importantly it's new, ultra-efficient circuitry and streamlined components create a listening experience which brings new definition to your favourite music. The newly updated external structure of the 8300 series follows the new design aesthetic of Audiolab products going forward, incorporating softened lines and textures yet still maintaining Audiolab’s instantly recognisable and contemporary style.

The 8300 series’ blasted aluminium finish, CNC routed aluminium dials and display certainly look cutting-edge, yet with every Audiolab product, form follows function. The new display and controls enable a fast and intuitive access through the vast routing options and filter settings in both the A and CD.

Supercharge Your Performance

While striving to achieve the most supreme sound quality, each stage of Audiolab product development is focused on usability. In particular with the 8300A, ensuring simple yet in-depth control, veteran amp designer, Jan Ertner build the amplifier functionality around the new display. This means users can easily find their way around the versatile configurations the amplifier offers, even while being much more advanced than its predecessors. The amplifier can behave as an integrated amplifier, power amplifier, pre-amplifier and a split pre-amplifier - easily paired with a multitude of hi-fi systems.

The 8300A works as coherently inside as it does on the outside - By taking a completely new approach to the layout, a dual mono structure means inter-channel interference is minimised. Crucial components processing audio and the power supply are completely separated as far as possible.

Audiolabs new technology - Active Current Delivery also ensures a completely clean sound up to the point of clipping, then its advanced microprocessor limits the output, which guarantees no audible distortion, even at its louder output of 75W RMS. ​​​​​

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PWD68 from Leicestershire -

Love the understated style of this amp but the real joy is how effortless it performs, the Audiolab 8300 adds nothing to the recording that’s not on the recording I find myself listen at a louder level because there is no distortion, another feature of this amp is connectivity out with the RCA cables and in with digital. This amp punches way above its price level on listening tests it performed better than amps costing nearly twice the £899 before discount and no hum from the toroidal transformer so I’m over the moon.

Model 8300A
Colour Black
Type Integrated Amplifier
Brand Audiolab
Condition New