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  • Denon AVR X2600H

    Denon AVR X2600H

    £449.00 £649.00
    7 Channel 4K Atmos AV Receiver - There is no stopping Denon when it comes to pushing technological boundaries. With a feature list that is truly unheard of at this price the 2600 is nothing short of a bargain.
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  • Heos AVR Silver Wireless AV Receiver

    Heos AVR Silver Wireless AV Receiver

    Whether you choose to have your surround sound wired or wireless the Heos AVR can do it all. This is the wireless surround sound system you have been waiting for.
  • Denon AVR-X4500H Black Atmos AV Receiver

    Denon AVR-X4500H Black Atmos AV Receiver

    £879.00 £1,499.00
    More than just a home entertainment hub, the Denon AVR-X4500H also features built in HEOS Wireless Multiroom , Auro 3D sound, Alexa Compatibility & Airplay 2
  • Marantz SR6014

    Marantz SR6014

    £869.00 £1,299.00
    9 Channel 4K Atmos AV Receiver - If you are looking for sophistication, excitement and refinement then the Marantz SR 6014 is for you. Home Cinema sound from one of the most established experts.
  • Marantz SR7013

    Marantz SR7013

    £1,129.00 £1,749.00
    Dolby Atmos AV Receiver - Whether you are an AV connoisseur or you just have impeccable taste the Marantz SR 7013 is for you. This is an everyday receiver that is sure to entertain.
  • Anthem MRX 520

    Anthem MRX 520

    5.2 Channel 4K AV Receiver - Featuring Anthem's world famous ARC you can rest assured that your movie nights will be spectacular. Add to that the fact that this is possibly one of the most musically agile receivers available and you have something quite remarkable.
  • Denon AVC-X6500H Atmos AV Receiver Black

    Denon AVC-X6500H Atmos AV Receiver Black

    £1,599.00 £2,349.00
    Denon are on a role with their AV Receivers, the AVC X6500 has picked up "Best Home Cinema Amplifier" in its price range. What Hifi were impressed and so are we, need we say more?
  • Marantz SR8012

    Marantz SR8012

    £1,989.00 £2,699.00
    Dolby Atmos AV Receiver - Taking your home entertainment to the next level with IMAX Enhanced, the Marantz SR8012 will make you want to watch your favourite movies again.
  • Anthem MRX 720

    Anthem MRX 720

    £2,690.00 £2,999.00
    7 Channel Atmos AV Receiver - Take your home cinema experience to the next level with the Anthem MRX 720. Featuring Anthems critically acclaimed features and legendary sonic signature whether its music or movies, you will be entertained.
  • Denon AVC X8500H Atmos AV Receiver Black

    Denon AVC X8500H Atmos AV Receiver Black

    £2,599.00 £3,499.00
    Denon's new flagship AV Receiver is an absolute processing masterpiece with 13 channels of amplification the AVC-X8500H is sure to impress.
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AV receivers are one of the most powerful pieces of home entertainment technology. Simply put, you cannot get a true Home Cinema or surround sound experience without an AV Receiver ! More than just an amplifier, they are your home entertainment hub, they can improve your picture quality by upscaling the source up to 4K on some models, they can simplify the wiring to your television as only one HDMI lead from your AV Receiver to your television will be needed.  Many modern models can also access internet radio and Apple AirPlay and have Built-in features such as Wifi and Bluetooth.