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HDMI, Digital & Analogue Cables & Interconnects

Cables and Leads are often overlooked when building a Home Cinema, Hifi or Surround Sound Setup. We believe that they are actually as important as the Amplifier, AV Receiver or Speaker you are connecting them to. A high quality HDMI lead is more important now than it ever has been in the past, the reason for this is development of 4K or UHD. Ultra HD has a massive signal transfer rate compared to 1080P or Full HD so a good quality lead is important. Speaker cable and Analogue, or Phono leads as they are commonly known, can have a huge impact on the sound of your Hifi or Surround Sound system. Choosing the correct interconnect can tailor the sound to your needs. Digital Optical cables are commonly used to connect Soundbar's to a Television or a CD Player to an Amplifier. As Cornwall's Home Cinema, Hifi & TV Specialists we are proud to offer you a selection of hand picked cables and leads from world famous audiophile manufacturers.