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  • Arcam CDS50

    Arcam CDS50

    CD Player & Streamer - The CDS50 from Arcam allows you to make the move into the brave world of streaming whilst keeping hold of that vast CD collection, win - win.
  • Roksan K3 CD DI

    Roksan K3 CD DI

    £1,295.00 £1,349.00
    CD Player with DAC - If you are looking for one of the most musical and talented CD Players at this price point then the Roksan K3 CD Di is the perfect choice.
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Hifi Separates - CD Player

A CD Player has been the essential part of an all in one or a separates Hi-Fi system since the first players were introduced in 1982. The good news is that even with modern advances in technology the CD player remains an essential part of your system. Wireless streaming via Bluetooth may be convenient but it does have its caveats the main one being that it simply does not sound as good as a CD. Hi-Res Audio streaming is superior to a CD however, content is limited at present and a system will cost more than your average budget CD Player. The main difference between any CD Player is the price, but why do some models cost less than than others? The main difference in the price is due to the components inside, a high end CD Player will have a superior DAC ( Digital to Analogue Converter ) which takes the information from the disc, decodes it and relays it to your amplifier or active speakers as close to the original as possible. The other differences include a vastly improved clock to improve timing and a rigid chassis to improve performance. As Cornwall's Premier Hifi, Home Cinema, Wireless Multiroom and Smart Home Specialists we are proud to offer you CD Players from big brands such as Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Teac, Roksan, Box Design by Pro-Ject and many more.