Elipson Planet M Black - Bookshelf Speakers Per Pair - Premier Sounds
Elipson Planet M Black - Bookshelf Speakers Per Pair - Premier Sounds
Elipson Planet M Black - Bookshelf Speakers Per Pair - Premier Sounds
Elipson Planet M Black - Bookshelf Speakers Per Pair - Premier Sounds
Elipson Planet M Black - Bookshelf Speakers Per Pair - Premier Sounds

Elipson Planet M Black Bookshelf Speakers

Looking for a pair of small bookshelf speakers that look superb and sound great ? Then the Elipson Planet M Bookshelf speakers are perfect.
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Elipson Planet M (Pair) Description

In the 60s, when French design made a dynamic impact on the world of interior furnishings, Elipson invaded homes with futuristic design in the form of iconic spherical speakers. These are genuine emblems of the Elipson brand. These round, charming and friendly speakers won over music lovers of all kinds who took to their innovative design and loved their acoustic quality. Planet M is the revival version of the Elipson spherical speaker combining high-end designs and meticulous aesthetics. As the result of 2 years of R&D efforts, Elipson has retained the best acoustic technologies for the best sound without compromise. The Planet M speakers are fitted with a coaxial 2-way speaker that make the perfect mix of high fidelity, elegance and design. Available in three new matt colors : Mercury Ice, Neptune Stone and Saturn Dust and 3 lacquer finishes: Black, Red and White.

Beautifully Engineered Sound

The visually striking design of the Elipson Planet M speakers serves more than one purpose. As we are sure you will all agree the spherical shape oozes class and would look at home wherever you choose to place it however this beauty is more than skin deep. The spherical shape of the speaker serves a very important performance factor, the shape means that there will be far less standing frequencies than you would find in a conventional cabinet meaning that the sound you hear will be more true to the original.

Natural Sound

The coaxial 2 way speaker means that all sound is emanating from one source point meaning that it is very similar to a human voice therefore vocals will sound more natural. The 4 inch driver handles the low end whilst the tweeter handles the high frequencies. Although the Planet M may be a small bookshelf speaker it certainly packs a punch and if you find yourself needing a little more then you could always add the Elipson Planet Sub.
Various Mounting Options

The Elipson Planet M has a number of various mounting options meaning it can be integrated into your Hifi or Home Cinema system with ease. The floor stands are anything but conventional, the brushed aluminium finish and weighted base compliment the Planet M perfectly. The wall mount makes the Planet M appear to float and it even features an integrated cable entry so that your speaker cable will be hidden giving the impression that the speakers are wireless. Our favourite is the Planet M ceiling mount which allows your speaker to suspend from the ceiling like a trapeze artist, this option is very popular for Dolby Atmos installations making the Planet M possibly the ultimate designer Dolby Atmos speaker.
Hifi Or Home Cinema Performance

For the best Hifi system based around the Elipson products then we recommend using a pair of Planet M speakers with the simply sensational Bang & Olufsen driven Elipson Music Centre BT. For home cinema the possibilities are endless with the Planet M whether you are looking for 5.1 or a fully fledged designer 5.1.2 or 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos system then the Planet M speakers and Planet Subwoofer will create a beautiful surround sound system.

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Model Planet M
Colour Gloss Black
Type Bookshelf Speaker
Brand Elipson
Condition New