Fyne Audio F300 | Dolby Atmos Speaker Package | Emotivv
Fyne Audio F300 | Dolby Atmos Speaker Package | Emotivv
Fyne Audio F300 | Dolby Atmos Speaker Package | Emotivv
Fyne Audio F300 | Dolby Atmos Speaker Package | Emotivv
Fyne Audio F300 | Dolby Atmos Speaker Package | Emotivv

Fyne Audio F300 Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack AV1

Product code: F300 AV1-ATMOS
£1,099.00 £1,255.00
5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Speaker Package - Take the 5 Star Fyne Audio F300 AV1 add some attractive Dolby Atmos Upfiring Speakers and you have movie perfection on a budget.
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"…a home cinema package that looks good and sounds better, handling both movies and music with skill and doing so at a price that is sure to please."
Home Cinema Choice - 5 Star Review 2019


PACKAGE CONTENTS - F302 Floorstanders,
F300 Bookshelf, F300C Centre,
F3-8 Subwoofer, Tangent Spectrum XATM
Dolby Atmos Upfiring Speakers.

OUR VERDICT - Due to our vast experience in home cinema installation you can rest assured that when we suggest a package it will work together harmoniously to provide an experience that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Whether its the precise bass offered by the Fyne F3-8 subwoofer, the vocal clarity of the main speakers or the 3D soundfield created by the Tangent Dolby Atmos modules you will enjoy your movies like never before.

British Audio is famous all over the world and Fyne Audio are set to be one of the big brands that audiophiles from all parts of the planet crave for.

We load up Incredibles 2 and its immediately apparent that the Fyne Audio F300 AV1 Dolby Atmos package is more than capable of flexing its muscles with the scale and intensity of the modern-day family-focused animation. The surround sound field is cohesive, and there’s great tonal matching between the channels. They feel comfortably in control, without being restrained, delivering perilous thrill and slapstick humour with consummate ease. The Fyne Audio 5.1.2 system hits us with an exciting, dynamic performance that’s powerful and immense. Explosions are delivered with authority and stacks of low-end rumble – a credit to the sub.

Unsurprisingly, the results are much the same in stereo. We play Sade - Love Deluxe and, though still using an A/V receiver and not a stereo amplifier, we remain impressed by the balance, dynamics and expressiveness that keep us hooked. If you’re using these speakers for music as much as cinema, this may be where the depth and organisation of the F302 speakers trumps the F301 based alternative package most considerably.

​​All in all we cannot recommend the F300 Dolby Atmos Pack highly enough. If you are building a budget system or upgrading your old kit these speakers will deliver an experience that will entertain everyone by simply allowing you to enjoy the music. These traits mean that the F300 series will be a fine asset to any Hi-Fi or Home Cinema system - Thoroughly Recommended.

Power, Precision & Detail

Taking the performance characteristic of its sibling F301 bookshelf design, the floorstanding F302, with its increased cabinet volume, takes the music listening experience to an altogether more dynamic level. The enhanced depth of bass will be appreciated even if listening to the speaker at relatively low volume levels. And the increased power handling capacity ensures that the F302 won’t suffer from musical compression or distortion for those times when you just have to turn up the volume.

Premium Performance, Modest Price

The price may be entry level but the F300 range benefits from the very best technical and acoustic expertise in the loudspeaker industry. Offering a scale of specification and audiophile performance unrivalled at its price, the line-up provides versatility for music lovers or movie enthusiasts. With a choice of two bookshelf or stand-mount models, two floorstanders, a centre channel and dipole speaker, there are plenty of options to suit a wide variety of listening environments.

Sound Construction

A well-constructed cabinet is the starting point for any high-performance loudspeaker. Exceptional rigidity is provided on all F300 models through a combination of MDF panels which are cross-braced internally. Additional stiffness is achieved by coupling the low frequency driver’s magnet to the cabinet bracing using a resonant-absorbing mastic. Widening the footprint on the floor standing models, using a plinth with floor coupling spikes, provides stability for tight bass and accurate stereo imaging

Driven Performance

Fyne Audio aims to provide best in class performance at all price levels and the careful component selection for the F300 drivers helps to meet this goal. Utilising a multifibre paper cone on the bass / midrange drivers delivers a natural sounding midrange and clean transient behaviour. Fitted to the centre of the driver is a phase plug which provides smooth midrange roll-off characteristics. FyneFluteTM technology, used on the driver’s roll rubber surround, provides a non-homogeneous interface which very effectively terminates cone energy.

Smooth Detail

The tweeter combines a powerful Neodymium magnet system with a 25mm Polyester dome producing crisp and controlled high frequency detail. Integrated within the protective mesh cover is a phase loss compensator which delays the output from specific areas of the dome to give a smooth and extended response.

Sound Foundations

The F3 Series cutting edge electronics and DSP engine have enabled control features normally only found in much more expensive subwoofers. The DSP controls both LFE input and stereo input 85Hz low pass filters, automatic dynamic range management and overload protection, as well as enabling Fyne’s Bass Boost function. Engaging the Bass Boost switch delivers a +3dB lift through critical movie LFE frequencies to deliver real cinema movie performance in the home. For ease of integration with the widest range of AV systems, F3 Series subwoofers offer continuous or signal sensing auto power on modes, a 12V trigger and phase reverse switch.

Atmos Duties

The compact Tangent Spectrum XATM speaker was specially designed to be placed at the top of a floorstanding speaker, in order to reproduce the ceiling surround effects in the Dobly Atmos audio tracks of the new Blu-ray movies. It adds a vertical sound dimension to offer the viewer even more realism and a total immersion experience.

Fyne Audio F300 AV1 Specifications
F302 Speakers
Frequency Response 36 - 28 kHz -6dB In Room
Bass Driver 150mm Multi-Fibre
Treble Driver 25mm Dome
Sensitivity 90 dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Recommended Amp Power 30 - 120 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm Compatible
Dimensions 932 x 190 x 271 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight 13.3 Kg
F300 Speakers
Frequency Response 54 - 28 kHz -6dB In Room
Bass Driver 125mm Multi Fibre
Treble Driver 25mm Dome
Sensitivity 87 dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Dimensions 250 x 156 x 211 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight 3.7 Kg
F300C Centre
Frequency Response 65 - 28 kHz -6dB In Room
Bass Driver Dual 125mm Multi Fibre
Treble Driver 25mm Dome
Sensitivity 87 dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Dimensions 156 x 400 x 211 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight 5.5 Kg
F3-8 Subwoofer
Frequency Response 35 Hz -6dB Typical In Room
Output Power 425 Watts
Driver Size 200 mm ( 8 Inch )
Inputs Stereo RCA
LFE Direct
Enclosure Type Ported - Downfiring Port
Weight 13 Kg
Dimensions 280 x 390 x 398 MM ( H x W x D )



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Home Cinema Choice from UK -

The Fyne system handled it with real skill, maintaining a lovely tonal balance between all the speakers and combining them with well integrated bass. There are noises coming from every direction as the rocket plane is battered by turbulence before the sudden silence of space. - F300 AV1 5.1

Type Dolby Atmos Speaker Package
Price Match Harrow Audio
EAN 5060546830412
Channels 5.1.2
Brand Fyne Audio
Condition New
Product Code F300 AV1-ATMOS