Fyne Audio F501 | Floorstanding Hifi Speakers | Emotivv
Fyne Audio F501 | Floorstanding Hifi Speakers | Emotivv
Fyne Audio F501 | Floorstanding Hifi Speakers | Emotivv
Fyne Audio F501 | Floorstanding Hifi Speakers | Emotivv
Fyne Audio F501 | Floorstanding Hifi Speakers | Emotivv

Fyne Audio F501 Floorstanding Speakers

Product code: F501
Fyne Audio may be a new name but the F501 exhibit familiar traits and award winning design techniques meaning that you will be rewarded with the best sound per pound performance.
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"A Thrillingly accomplished pair of floorstanders"
Best Floorstanding Speaker £1000 - £1500
What Hi-Fi? Awards October 2018

OUR VERDICT - It's a phenomenon that nobody can explain, when a speaker performs exceptionally better than the sum of it's parts. This is true with the F501 from Fyne Audio, although they have painstakingly manufactured the cabinet with rigid bracing and tuned the drivers for the optimum time response the result is...Breathtaking. These speakers manage to show you bass on a whole new level, each bass note has its own texture rather than the usual 'Thump' making your favourite song a whole new experience. The concentric driver gives vocals a supernatural reality allowing you to believe that the song is being performed just for you. Add to this an impeccable sense of timing which gives the leading and trailing edge of transients a real edge and you have a speaker that is something special. This makes the Fyne Audio F501 one of our favourites at this price point. - Thoroughly Recommended

Effortless Performance

The award winning F501 is the smaller of the two floorstanding loudspeakers in the F500 series but capable of delivering low bass and effortless dynamics from a compact, small footprint cabinet. Bringing additional scale and power to the F500 series’ signature clarity and articulation, the 150mm (6″) proprietary IsoFlareTM driver is accompanied by a matched 150mm (6″) bass driver. The IsoFlareTM driver delivers isotropic energy radiation with point source constant directivity providing outstanding stereo imaging, even off axis. Ideal for small to medium-sized rooms, the F501 is supplied with a dedicated plinth incorporating Fyne Audio's BassTraxTM Tractrix diffuser system, which integrates bass energy uniformly into the room

Timeless Design

The luxuriously finished, contemporary styled cabinet is available in a choice of dark oak or black oak real wood veneer and piano gloss black or white. Enhancing its aesthetic appeal, it has a gently curved front and rear baffle which additionally benefits the acoustic performance by reducing colouration effects.

On Point

Point source driver technology is not new to Fyne Audio. Their technical team, responsible for the audio performance and mechanical build of the driver, have many decades of experience between them. The Fyne Audio proprietary IsoFlare design ensures constant directivity of the wave front generated, providing outstanding stereo imaging, even off axis. Furthermore, a smooth and extended response is delivered thanks to the highly rigid titanium high frequency diaphragm which pushes the break up mode well above the level of human hearing.

Master Of All

The F500 range is as impressive with movies as it is music. FYNE AUDIO’s point source driver technology is ideal for articulating the finest of movie detail with pin-point accuracy. High efficiency and high-power handling means the F500 series delivers an incredibly dynamic and lifelike performance whether you are listening to DTS Master Audio or Dolby True HD.

To fully optimise the driver’s performance, every aspect of the meticulous design has been considered. A vented rear chamber in the Neodymium HF magnet places low frequency resonance well below crossover region. The unique geometry of the high frequency unit’s waveguide provides a flat frequency response and avoids internal reflections. To eliminate unwanted vibrations, which would be detrimental to the sound quality, both the point source driver and the supplementary low frequency driver fitted to the floor standing models, are built around a rigid cast aluminium chassis. Multifibre paper cones are used providing natural sounding midrange and clean transient behaviour. Cone energy is then very effectively terminated using a fluted rubber surround.

Fyne Audio F501 Specifications
Frequency Response 36 - 34 KHZ -6dB
Bass Driver Dual 150mm 
Treble Driver 25mm Titanium
Sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m) 90 dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Amp Power
35 - 150 Watt
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm Compatible
Dimensions 984 x 200 x 320 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight 18.9 Kg



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What Hi-Fi from UK -

No matter the sternness of the challenges we pose to these speakers, they prove unfazeable. Lotte Kestner’s Secret Longitude shows the F501s can deliver all the character and emotion of a vocal performance; The Grit in the Pearl by Clark demonstrates low-frequency punch, speed and body; The Byrds’ amble through You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere reveals top-end crispness and substance.

Type Floorstanding Speakers
Price Match Peter Tyson
EAN 5060546831006
Brand Fyne Audio
Condition New
Product Code F501