Home Cinema Installation

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Home Cinema Installation

If you have the space to include a dedicated Bespoke Cinema Room within your property then you will be rewarded with something that is as individual as you. Utilising your imagination and our expertise we can craft a Home Theatre that is sure to impress your family, friends and anyone else fortunate enough to be sat in your Cinema Room.

Visiting the Cinema is usually an enjoyable experience but when you walk in and find that the best seats are already taken and someone in the row behind has noisy eating habits this can make the experience less enjoyable. Creating your own personal Home Cinema means that you are not only guaranteed the best seats in the house every time but everything else around you is set exactly how you want it.

If you don't have the space within your house for a dedicated Cinema Room then we could work together and convert your garage to give you a Garage Cinema Room or even build you a dedicated cinema in a garden building such as a Cinema Shed. Whatever your vision we have the knowledge and experience to help turn your vision into a reality.

Sound. Crafted.

To create your vision we use the latest technology that has been tested and proven in house in our installations and dedicated demonstration rooms. We use your imagination and our craftsmanship to deliver systems that will surpass your expectations as well as anyone else lucky enough to be sat in your cinema room. Our product portfolio contains some of the worlds most prestigious brands featuring the latest technologies including 4k UHD laser projectors, OLED 4k TV screens and Dolby Atmos processing. All our projects are calibrated to exacting standards by our in house staff to deliver optimum audio and video performance.

Bespoke Mood Lighting

For a true home cinema experience, lighting is essential to complement the atmosphere and completely immerse yourself in the action. This is exactly why we offer bespoke mood lighting solutions. To create a bespoke lighting scene for your cinema room we will work together to create a discrete lighting system that will complement your chosen decor and design which will ultimately give you the cinema experience at home. Naturally these smart lighting systems are simple yet innovative to use and can be controlled at the touch of a button or a simple voice command.

The Personal Touch

We love what we do but we know that there are people in other trades that love what they do too, by doing this they have earned your trust and respect. To ensure that your project is completed to exacting standards we are happy to work alongside your existing architect, designer and contractors to provide designs and audio visual installation services or we can provide complete turn key solutions. Our turn key solutions will deliver the entire rooms interior, lighting and acoustic design followed by all building and fit out works to create a bespoke room that is the ideal environment to deliver a perfect cinematic experience.

Lawrence from Falmouth  

When our children moved out we were fortunate enough to have a redundant play room that we considered using as a cinema room. After a quick search on the internet we found Premier Sounds and arranged a visit. We sat down in their demonstration room and were totally gobsmacked, we couldn't believe that a sound like that could be achieved for such a modest price. We went home and considered all of our requirements, Lee actually instructed us to make a Wishlist detailing everything we would need in our room. When we next visited, Sharon showed us a 3D detail of what our room could look like and explained that as we wanted to have a bar and a snooker table in there too this meant that it was more of a media room than a cinema room. They undertook all of the construction and electrical works whilst liaising with the other trades people on site to make the whole project seamless. We now have an 8 seater cinema, a bar area with seating as well as full size pool table. We can even use our voice to command the entire room. My wife's favourite part about it is the suede fabric walls Lee installed, my favourite part is the cinema, it truly is better than any cinema I have been to. Thanks Premier Sounds.

Darren from Bodmin  

I got a Dolby Atmos surround sound system from premier sounds, when I bought it they asked whether I wanted them to install it, I told them I could do it myself. After several days of trying to get it right I actually thought something was wrong with it so I contacted them. Lee came to my house and within a couple of hours it sounded better than my local cinema. They made it all look so simple, next time I shall pay the reasonable cost for their installation.

Mary from Camelford  

After searching the internet for a local sound installation company we found Premier Sounds. We contacted them and made an appointment to visit their demonstration rooms. They asked some simple questions to gauge our requirements and within minutes an estimate was provided. We didn't want anything extravagant and our budget was tight, they gave us exactly what we wanted. We now have a discreet surround sound system with projector and screen, they even connected our CD player so we could enjoy music in surround sound. Lee managed to do all of this in one day without the need for any decorating afterwards.

Laura from Roche  

We visited the store with an idea of purchasing a wireless surround system, they asked why we wanted wireless and explained the benefits of a wired surround system. Sharon assured me that they could hide all of the wires without having to decorate. They put together a system that was half the cost of the wireless one and installed it in one evening. I can't see any wires and it sounds far better than a friends wireless system we have heard.

Roger from Truro  

We had a converted attic space that we wanted to utilise as a cinema room. We had already decorated it without any regard for wiring of a surround system. Lee visited our house to assess our needs and how he could implement them. They were only here for 2 days and we now have a full surround system with projector and sky tv. They also installed some smart led lighting that I can control from my phone or with a wireless light switch. Sharon assured me that no decorating would be needed, she was true to her word.