Home Cinema Installation at emotivv with dedicated demonstration rooms based in Bodmin, Cornwall​​​​​​​
Dream Building

Dream building may sound quite extravagant but it is the best way of describing the services we are able to offer you. No matter how big your project is you have envisaged the end result in your mind ( If you haven't then you certainly should ) making you the only architect and designer that knows exactly what you want, we simply use our expertise and knowledge to craft your vision hence the term - Dream Building.

Whether you require a simple TV & Soundbar wall mounting service or a dedicated Bespoke Home Cinema Room we will guide you along your journey to achieving your goals. Our store features many building blocks of a multitude of installations which gives you the opportunity to see and feel how they will work in your home. We can relax and talk over a coffee whilst finding the solution that fits your needs.

You will find a list of services we offer below along with some handy explanations too, so go ahead and discover how we can help you.

TV Installation & TV Wall Mounting throughout Devon and Cornwall - emotivv​​​​​​​

TV Wall Mounting

So you have your shiny new TV (hopefully you bought it from us, if not then don't worry, we still like you ) you have unboxed it and are now trying to fit it on your existing TV stand in the corner, is it working ? Probably not, let us explain. The most common size for televisions is slowly increasing, at present the smallest recommended for lounge viewing is a 55 Inch. Modern TV's are supremely thin and for some strange reason manufacturers are supplying strange stands that require the unit to be the full width of your TV, in the case of a 55 Inch the width is around 1.3 metres which is bigger than most TV Stands.

Another point to consider is the fact that the corner is not the best place for your television and modern TV's are that much wider that it will have to pulled further into the room to fit into the corner space. Obviously we realise that not many of us have the perfect space for a large TV so we make it work around you.

If your TV has to go in the corner then we have solutions for that, by utilising a full motion wall mount you can push your television back against the wall when not in use, a great idea if you have young children as it will minimise damage. We even offer motorised wall mounts that fold back to the wall automatically when not in use and adjust to the viewing position automatically when required.

To learn more or book our TV Wall Mounting Service then use the link below.

Media Room Installation & Bespoke Home Cinema Installation throughout the UK​​​​​​​

Media Room Installation

Okay, what is a Media Room ? Its a room that has a multi-purpose use, they tend to have a surround sound or home cinema system installed but still be used for other purposes. One of our Media Room Installations featured a full 8 seater Dolby Atmos Cinema along with a bar & Kitchen area as well as a reading space complete with bookshelves. Not all media rooms need to be as extravagant as this, your lounge could also be a Media Room if it had a surround sound system in it as the room would not have one defined use.

The need for a Media Room has increased due to the fact that most of us don't have the luxury of having the space to allocate one room to become a dedicated Home Cinema or Home Theatre Room. By using the correct components you can turn your front room into a Media Room without sacrificing much space. If space is at a premium then you could opt for in wall speakers and subwoofers that could even be dressed in acoustic cloth which will make them seem invisible as well as complementing your room decor.

Crafting a Media Room to suit your needs is a personal journey and we are your Tour Guide. By listening to your requirements we can craft a room together that will keep yourself and other house dwellers entertained for many years to come. Obviously the design and installation of a media room is similar to that of a dedicated Cinema Room with the main difference being that your creativeness will be utilised even further when it comes to deciding the extra features necessary to create your Bespoke Media Room.

Bespoke Home Cinema Room Installation with expert advice and dedicated demonstration rooms based in Bodmin, Cornwall UK​​​​​​​
Cinema Room Installation

If you have the space to include a dedicated Bespoke Cinema Room within your property then you will be rewarded with something that is as individual as you. Utilising your imagination and our expertise we can craft a Home Theatre that is sure to impress your family, friends and anyone else fortunate enough to be sat in your Cinema Room.

Visiting the Cinema is usually an enjoyable experience but when you walk in and find that the best seats are already taken and someone in the row behind has noisy eating habits this can make the experience less enjoyable. Creating your own personal Home Cinema means that you are not only guaranteed the best seats in the house every time but everything else around you is set exactly how you want it.

If you don't have the space within your house for a dedicated Cinema Room then we could work together and convert your garage to give you a Garage Cinema Room or even build you a dedicated cinema in a garden building such as a Cinema Shed. Whatever your vision we have the knowledge and experience to help turn your vision into a reality.

If you would like to learn more and get together over a coffee in our homely demonstration rooms then click the link below.

Whole house wifi installation throughout Devon & Cornwall - Emotivv UK​​​​​​​
Whole House WIFI Installation

Contrary to popular belief, particularly to the younger generation, WIFI is not part of our Human Rights. We have felt the wrath of our children or friends when the world has come to an end because they cannot connect to the outside world from the comfort of their mobile device or games console and a lot of the time this is down to the router that has been provided by your ISP ( Internet Service Provider )

As the number of devices that use wireless technology increases within or households the humble router is struggling to keep up. This isn't the fault of your ISP, they have given it to you, in most cases, for free. We can help to free you of your WIFI woes by utilising aftermarket routers and access points that not only increase speed but give you access to WIFI inside and outside of your home without having to enter different passwords or connecting to different networks.

Acoustic room treatment supply & Installation throughout the UK with dedicated demonstration rooms based in Bodmin, Cornwall​​​​​​​
Acoustic Room Treatment

Acoustic treatment serves more than one purpose, not only does it allow you to get the best sound possible from your new surround sound or hifi system but it can also be used to hide speakers in an aesthetically pleasing way.

As more of us are seeing the benefits of a home cinema system that uses wires instead of wireless it is becoming increasingly popular to have wall mounted or in wall speakers. The only downside to this is that you can still see the speaker or the speaker grille, by using our stretched fabric wall system we can cover those speakers with an acoustic cloth that is matched to your decor. Suede is particularly popular at the minute due to its luxurious look and feel.

Having a fabric wall installed can also cover up any walls that are less than perfect to give you a modern look. We can also build and install acoustic wall panels that not only act as a feature in your room but also help with room acoustics. Our dedicated demonstration rooms feature acoustic fabric walls and acoustic panels to show you the benefits of this fantastic service we offer.

Hifi Installation at Emotivv with dedicated demonstration rooms based in Bodmin, Cornwall​​​​​​​
Hifi Installation

Why would I want someone to install my hifi system ? The honest answer to that is that they have become more complex so as to meet the demands of the modern world. Turntables or Record Players haven't changed much over the years but great care needs to be taken when adding them to your Hifi system to ensure you reap the rewards. Setting up an audiophile turntable requires the perfect setting of the VTF ( Vertical Tracking Force ) to enable the stylus to work at its best along with Azimuth angle.

In more recent years a music streamer has become a key component in any hifi system, a streamer allows you to play music from internet services such as Spotify or Tidal and control the sound from your smartphone or tablet. To get the best out of a streamer there are many options to consider such as, do you use the internal DAC or go digital and use a higher end DAC in another device or have you set the networking correctly so as to allow streaming from a NAS Drive or other network storage device.

Combining a HIFI system with a home cinema system is something we are being asked to do more regularly, this involves using a dedicated stereo amplifier for hifi duties but then utilising that amplifier to be used as part of your surround system which in turn gives you the best of both worlds. This is where product selection is key to building the correct system

You may well be able to do all of this yourself and for that we salute you but rest assured, if the modern world of Hifi sounds daunting then we are here to help you every step of the way.

Multi room audio Installation at Emotivv with dedicated demonstration rooms based in Bodmin, Cornwall​​​​​​​
Wireless Multi Room Installation

Thanks to the ever evolving world of modern technology the way we listen to our music has changed. We no longer have to visit music stores to buy our favourite albums as we now have access to all the music in the world, new and old, through devices such as mobile phones, computers and televisions.

Thanks to the likes of streaming services such as Spotify we can simply select a song, select a speaker and press play. There is no disputing the fact that Sonos has been the market leader in allowing you to stream music to multiple rooms around the house in perfect harmony.

More and more people want the ability to stream music around their home but don't want speakers cluttering their living space. By utilising ceiling speakers you can have all of the great functionality of a wireless multiroom audio system in a form that is discrete and doesn't detract from the aesthetics of the room. Ceiling speakers allow us to offer you a multiroom audio installation that hides all of the wires and allows you to conceal the amplifier out of sight in a cupboard or in the loft.

Outdoor audio Installation at Emotivv with dedicated demonstration rooms based in Bodmin, Cornwall​​​​​​​
Outdoor Audio Installation

The way we live and in particular, the way we entertain ourselves has changed radically over recent years. More of us are now choosing to enjoy ourselves at home. Rather than having to go out to the cinema and meet up with your friends to watch the latest movie release you can now stream it straight to your own comfy sitting room. Thanks to music streaming we can now play almost any song imaginable from the palm of our hands without any wires.

We now spend a lot of our time, weather permitting, hosting gatherings of friends and family in our gardens. Thanks to portable speakers we have managed to bring the party outside but let's face it, due to the limitations of Bluetooth it means that you have to leave your device quite close to the speaker and if someone calls you the music is interrupted. Thanks to modern wifi technology we can now offer outdoor audio systems that allow you to stream the music without any interruptions as well as being able to keep your device with you. These outdoor audio systems can also integrate with your indoor multi-room audio meaning that as your guests wander from the kitchen to the garden the music experience never stops.

By using outdoor speakers from some of the worlds most highly respected brands it means that you can have a properly installed outdoor audio system that can be left outside all year round and ready for you to entertain at the push of a button.

Projector Installation at Emotivv with dedicated demonstration rooms based in Bodmin, Cornwall​​​​​​​
Projector Installation

So you want all of the big screen thrills of a cinema at home ? Then you definitely need a projector. Nothing beats the sheer entertainment of a big screen and whilst televisions are now available in relatively large sizes, the projector still offers larger sizes at a far more friendly price.

When installing a projector there are a number of factors to consider, some of which are brand specific such as distance from the screen and mounting position.

Utilising our years of experience we can look at the room you want to use the projector in and advise on which projector will work best for you. We can then install it in the optimum location and if required hide all of the connecting cables meaning that all you have to think about is which movie you are going to watch first.

Smart Lighting Installation at Emotivv with dedicated demonstration rooms based in Bodmin, Cornwall UK​​​​​​​
Smart Lighting Installation

Thanks to modern technology we can now change the colour scene in our room using our voice or mobile device. Smart Lighting plays a huge part in how much we enjoy whatever we are doing in that chosen room. Having a friendly gathering in a room that uses ultra bright LED lighting doesn't quite have the same effect as it does in a room that has slightly dimmed lights in the colour of your choice. Watching a movie with the lights on ruins the effect but if you turn the lights off you can't see how many crisps are left in the packet.

Thanks to smart lighting technology we can now change the mood in our room or multiple rooms at once with our voice. Modern LED lighting can be concealed in such a way that it doesn't dominate your living space whilst maintaining a mood lifting effect. Our lighting solutions have a host of features available including motion sensors, lighting schedules that work dependant on the time of day and they can even be programmed to sense when you have arrived at your front door and turn themselves on.

In most cases this lighting can be installed without the need for any rewiring meaning that its a simple and tidy solution for enhancing your experience at home.

Steve from St Austell  

I wanted to move my TV from the corner and tidy up my hifi equipment, Lee gave excellent advice and guidance which resulted in my TV being mounted above my fireplace with all cables hidden as well as my hifi only needing one stand. He also suggested that I connected the tv to the hifi system as this would give a far better sound...he was right.

Darren from Bodmin  

I got a Dolby Atmos surround sound system from premier sounds, when I bought it they asked whether I wanted them to install it, I told them I could do it myself. After several days of trying to get it right I actually thought something was wrong with it so I contacted them. Lee came to my house and within a couple of hours it sounded better than my local cinema. They made it all look so simple, next time I shall pay the reasonable cost for their installation.

John from Wadebridge  

Due to our seating arrangements it meant that guests couldn't see the tv properly, Lee suggested replacing it with an OLED as the viewing angles are superior as well as a tv mount that I can pull out to make the tv easier to watch. He hid all of the cables and connected it to my existing sound system so I didn't have to add an ugly soundbar.

Mary from Camelford  

After searching the internet for a local sound installation company we found Premier Sounds. We contacted them and made an appointment to visit their demonstration rooms. They asked some simple questions to gauge our requirements and within minutes an estimate was provided. We didn't want anything extravagant and our budget was tight, they gave us exactly what we wanted. We now have a discreet surround sound system with projector and screen, they even connected our CD player so we could enjoy music in surround sound. Lee managed to do all of this in one day without the need for any decorating afterwards.

Laura from Roche  

We visited the store with an idea of purchasing a wireless surround system, they asked why we wanted wireless and explained the benefits of a wired surround system. Sharon assured me that they could hide all of the wires without having to decorate. They put together a system that was half the cost of the wireless one and installed it in one evening. I can't see any wires and it sounds far better than a friends wireless system we have heard.

Roger from Truro  

We had a converted attic space that we wanted to utilise as a cinema room. We had already decorated it without any regard for wiring of a surround system. Lee visited our house to assess our needs and how he could implement them. They were only here for 2 days and we now have a full surround system with projector and sky tv. They also installed some smart led lighting that I can control from my phone or with a wireless light switch. Sharon assured me that no decorating would be needed, she was true to her word.