Klipsch RP5000 F | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds
Klipsch RP5000 F | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds
Klipsch RP5000 F | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds
Klipsch RP5000 F | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds
Klipsch RP5000 F | Floorstanding Speakers | Premier Sounds

Klipsch RP 5000F

Product code: RP-5000F
Floorstanding Speakers - The RP5000 F may be the entry level speakers in the new Klipsch Reference Premiere range but rest assured, there is nothing entry level about their performance.
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Authorised Klipsch Retailer and Home Installer based in Bodmin, Cornwall
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Our Opinion - Okay, we hold our hands up.... savvy readers will have noticed that we have given the same opinion for all of the Klipsch Reference Premiere range. That's because Klipsch have managed to make each speaker in this range have the same tonality, the only thing that changes is how big the sound is or for the audiophile...."The Dynamic Range" as even Klipsch cannot defy physics so the bigger the speaker the bigger the sound. Anyway I shall leave you to read on.  

So, as we all know, the British are renowned for their British Hifi sound. In fact the British are regarded as one of the best speaker and amplifier manufacturers in the world. So why would I be saying this on a listing for a product that is designed in America ? In the past us Brits have normally dismissed American Hifi because the American sound was Big, Bold and overpowering for our more space constrained listening areas, so when a Klipsch representative asked us to listen to the new Klipsch speakers to be honest we dismissed them straight away, I'm glad that the representative ignored me and bought them to our showrooms anyway as what followed turns our beliefs in American Speakers on its head.

Once we had unboxed them we were more than impressed at the build quality and we took an instant liking to the Copper Cerametallic drivers. The new Klipsch Reference Premiere are on the bigger side when compared to the likes of Acoustic Energy or Spendor Speakers but around the same size as the highly regarded Monitor Audio Silver Range so space shouldn't be a problem. Once connected to our Roksan K3 Integrated and Roksan K3 CD we are immediately struck at how clean, defined and agile the bass response is from the Reference Premiere range. Each bass note has its own texture and hits with no sign at all of boominess, I don't know if that's a word but you know what I mean, In fact the whole driver compliment including the Tractrix Horn Tweeter was revealing leading edges of notes that would be masked on a less capable speaker.

When playing - Slow, Kylie Minogue Abbey Road Sessions, the Klipsch had the ability that only a well designed speaker can achieve, the ability to allow us to sit there and relax without feeling the need to analyse what we were hearing. Switch the sound to a different Genre with a bit of Deep House courtesy of Miguel Campbell - The Night Life and the bass line is infectious. The vocals are rendered with such a transparency that we have to remind ourselves of the modest cost of the speakers in front of us.

Yes the low end is more pronounced than the rest of the frequency range but when it is so clean and deep you can't help but revel in whatever you are listening to. If you prefer a little less Bass then these Klipsch speakers are more than happy to be paired with any Amplifier we chose. With the Audiolab products the bass became less pronounced which resulted in a more even tonal balance but nonetheless enjoyable.

In short, don't judge a book by its cover, if you are looking for a hugely entertaining pair of speakers that work in whatever situation you put them in whether that's Hifi or Home Cinema duties then you seriously need to consider these Klipsch speakers. Much like the SVS speakers impressed us in much the same way these Klipsch are a welcome addition to the UK market and our showrooms- THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED

Horn loading maximises efficiently and increases detail while focusing high frequencies towards the listening area. Proprietary Tractrix® geometry provides the most efficient transfer of high frequency waves into the listening area. The phase plug and compressed moulded silicon face ensure smooth frequency response. When combined, the cleanest, most natural sound possible is created.

The exclusive Linear Travel Suspension minimises distortion for enhanced, detailed performance. LTS tweeters are a hallmark of previous Reference lines, making it a core component of some of the best speakers in the world.

The new vented tweeter housing reduces standing waves that create unwanted harmonics, resulting in enhanced detail and clarity in high frequency reproduction.

A signature feature on the Reference Premiere series, Cerametallic™ woofers are exceptionally rigid and lightweight for minimal distortion and maximum efficiency. When paired with the Tractrix horn-loaded LTS tweeter, it provides the highest speaker efficiency in its class.

Utilising Tractrix geometry, the Reference Premiere ports allow for the most efficient, fastest air transfer from the cabinet, which reduces port noise for punchier low frequencies. Klipsch Tractrix ports have custom designed inner flares that help reduce air turbulence entering the port. Less turbulent air helps reduce port noise for cleaner, more powerful bass.

Dual input terminals for bi-wiring / bi-amping capabilities. Bi-wiring separates high and low frequency current into separate speaker cables, reducing intermodulation distortion, for clearer midrange. Bi-amping allows for customisation using outboard crossovers when using separate amplifiers.

Finishes include ebony vinyl and walnut vinyl The ebony and walnut models boast satin painted baffles with a scratch resistant finish.

Provides a more modern look with less resonance than MDF or ABS plastic. It is mechanically designed to minimise surface area in contact with floor, decoupling the speaker for faster, tighter low frequencies and more detail.

Attached magnetically for an elegant transition from powerful showstopper to discrete performance piece.

Copper anodised trim rings, cast aluminium feet, satin painted baffles and a laser etched logo treatment give the Reference Premiere II series a modern, premium look.


Klipsch RP 5000F Specifications
Frequency Response 35 - 25 KHZ +/- 3dB
Bass Driver Dual 133mm (5.25") Cerametallic
Treble Driver 25mm Titanium
Sensitivity (2.83v @ 1m) 96 dB @ 2.83V / 1m
Power Handling 125 W Continuous / 500 W Peak
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm Compatible
Dimensions 91.7 x 20.8 x 36.5 CM ( H x W x D )
Weight 16.8 Kg
Authorised Klipsch AV & Hifi Retailer and Home Installer based in Bodmin, Cornwall UK


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Bluesman from Portland Oregon -

I had previously owned a pair of RP250F and the RP5000F I recently bought are better in every way. The soundstage is bigger, the treble is smoother, and the bass is not boomy yet it is full and musical. The designers really outdid themselves. Truly a champagne speaker on a beer budget.

Type Floorstanding Speakers
Price Match Audio Affair
Brand Klipsch
Condition New
Product Code RP-5000F