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  • Lyngdorf TDAI 1120

    Lyngdorf TDAI 1120

    Stereo Amplifier - Lyngdorf have set a completely new benchmark in the TDAI 1120 it truly is a just add speakers system with built in streaming and advanced room correction.
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Lyngdorf Hi-Fi & Home Cinema

For some Lyngdorf will need no introduction but as they now present products that start with a more achievable entry point we feel that Lyngdorf will become a more recognisable household name.

Lyngdorf is a sister brand of the critically acclaimed and world famous Steinway & Sons who produce not only world class pianos but reference quality hifi & home cinema electronics and speakers. Lyngdorf Audio components are built with the same revolutionary DNA as that of Steinway Lyngdorf. Both brands offer the same cutting edge research and development that have made the name Lyngdorf synonymous with highly advanced audio technologies. Lyngdorf components offer the additional benefit of flexible connectivity and the ability to work with other component brands as you wish.

The Lyngdorf Audio approach to product development has always been to implement technologies which are tested, proven and supported by hard facts. Their technologies are there for a reason - to make an audible and measurable difference.

For nearly two decades, their technologies have stood as some of the greatest developments in the science of sound. Lyngdorf created the worlds first fully digital amplifier and the most sophisticated room correction technology in existence.

With most systems, the majority of the sound you hear comes not from your speakers, but from your room. The placement of your speakers and the shape and dynamics of the room (echoes, reflections and absorption) have a great influence on what you hear. As no available room correction system would make your speakers sound exactly as the manufacturer intended them to, Lyngdorf had to develop their own hence the introduction of Roomperfect. Roomperfect is the most advanced and user friendly room correction system in the world. It identifies the characteristics of your speakers and the influence of your room and simply takes the room effects out of the equation meaning that you are hearing your music, not the room.

Lyngdorf not only make world class electronics, they also make outstanding speaker systems that cater for a modern aesthetic whilst maximising performance. To ensure that the speakers sounded as good as they look they designed drivers with a magnetic field 50% stronger than conventional designs. This means that Lyngdorf speakers offer high sensitivity, improved dynamics and a more linear frequency response. With extremely compact, non resonant enclosures and fine tuned drivers they have managed to achieve their goal of ultra dynamic music reproduction without sacrificing natural instrumental and vocal timbre.

We could go on for a lot of pages explaining what Lyngdorf have achieved and how exceptional their products are but the easiest way of realising this is to hear their products for yourself. It's not a written rule but, we shouldn't have favourites, all of the Lyngdorf products want us to break that rule. So whether its an all in one streaming amplifier for your Hifi system or a set of speakers to create a modern discrete TV sound system then Lyngdorf have you covered in every way.