Monitor Audio Mass | 5.1 Speaker Package | Emotivv
Monitor Audio Mass | 5.1 Speaker Package | Emotivv
Monitor Audio Mass | 5.1 Speaker Package | Emotivv
Monitor Audio Mass | 5.1 Speaker Package | Emotivv
Monitor Audio Mass | 5.1 Speaker Package | Emotivv

Monitor Audio Mass

Product code: MASS5.1
5.1 Speaker Package - Ditch the soundbar and opt for an immersive cinematic experience courtesy of the beautifully compact yet immersive Monitor Audio Mass System.
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"The beauty of using satellites is that the identical speakers combine to create a surround system that’s tonally balanced. Sounds glide from one speaker to another with the grace of an ice dancer."
Stuff Review - April 2019

Mass Satellite Speakers x 5
Mass Subwoofer

OUR VERDICT - So, you have decided that the sound from your TV just isn't cutting it, well done. Your TV screen may be giving you the cinema experience but the sound certainly isn't, obviously you have had a look at Soundbars, whilst they definitely improve on the offering from TV speakers nothing beats the performance from a dedicated surround sound speaker package.

Without getting into the technical boring stuff we shall summarise why a speaker package is the only real option for surround sound. A soundbar contains all of the three main front speakers, this means it is restricted to the width of the soundbar which is usually about the size of your TV. When you watch a movie the sound is mixed so that you can pinpoint exactly where a sound is coming from so, for example, if a door closes to the right of the screen you will hear this from the right front speaker. This effect can only be truly achieved by having your front left and right speakers spaced further apart than your TV.

Most people worry that when opting for a dedicated speaker system they will have masses of wires on show and the speakers will dominate the room, as technology has moved in rapidly it now means that a bigger performance can be achieved from a smaller speaker and speaker cables don't have to be huge which means that they can be hidden under carpets or in a decorative trunking that can even be matched to your wood flooring.

The Monitor Audio Mass 5.1 system takes all of the modern technology available and packs it into a beautifully compact yet high performing system that gives a surround performance that even the best soundbars cannot match> When paired with a suitably capable AV Receiver you will have a system that costs less than most soundbar 5.1 packages too. In short, we cannot praise the Mass 5.1 highly enough. Monitor Audio have seen that people want to improve their TV Sound without having a system that will dominate the room and as a result have produced the delightfully compact Mass System.

This elegant speaker package has been designed to compliment even the most modern of living spaces, the MIDNIGHT PACKAGE features black speakers with a midnight ( Dark Blue ) coloured tweed effect grille. The MIST PACKAGE features white speakers with a mist ( Grey ) coloured grille. - Thoroughly Recommended.

Discrete Yet Powerful

Designed to deliver full-scale audio fidelity from compact, stylish speakers and a discreet subwoofer, MASS combines all Monitor Audio’s award-winning expertise with sophisticated looks. The result is a new level of performance for music, gaming and movie sound alike.

MASS is quick and easy to set up and delivers genuinely enthralling surround sound excitement in a compact design, making any room feel like a state-of-the-art concert hall or cinema. Music lovers, movie fans and gamers will all revel MASS’s ability to put them in the middle of the action, bringing incredible levels of immersion to their favourite songs, films and games. All the clarity, all the drama, all the 360-degree thrills - and a new acoustic experience - are there to be enjoyed.

Movie Magic

Hollywood knows its soundtracks are just as big a part of the cinema experience as its pictures – and, thanks to MASS, you can enjoy your own full-on home cinema surround sound experience without breaking the bank or compromising the look of your room. Despite its size, MASS is capable of dynamic, room-filling sound with all the punch and drive the biggest Hollywood blockbusters demand. With perfect clarity to build the tension in quieter scenes, hair-raising attack when the going gets explosive, and incredible effects placement to keep you at the heart of the story, MASS brings you the authentic cinema experience.

Gaming Experience

If you want to properly immerse yourself in your gaming experience, there’s no better way than MASS to put you right in the thick of the action. Gaming is hugely enhanced by accurate placement of effects, seamless panning right around the 360-degree soundfield and, thanks to the Subwoofer, incredible low-frequency presence. No matter if your favourite games rely on the roar of the crowd, the rattle of the guns or the tension-packed near-silence of a spooky alien planet, MASS gives you more of what you need. Enjoy every gaming scenario like never before and take your experience to an entirely different level.

Music Maestro

Whether you like to listen in stereo or prefer a multi-channel mix, MASS has the talent to bring your favourite music to life. Thanks to the beautifully engineered integration between the Satellites and the Subwoofer, MASS is a thrilling listen from the deepest bass notes to the crispest treble. Incredible stereo imaging puts your favourite singer on the centre of the stage, while the combination of MMP II driver technology and soft dome tweeter in each Satellite gives each instrument extraordinarily faithful and convincing tonality. Fast, controlled and, above all, deep bass from the Subwoofer makes MASS as powerful and punchy a listen as it is subtle and detailed. It’s the speaker system your music has been waiting for.

Key Features
  • Two-way, sealed cabinet, tuned for wide dispersion and optimal integration with MASS Subwoofer
  • Rigid, braced and fibre-reinforced cabinet
  • Custom-weave cloth finish, unique to Monitor Audio
  • Compact design, with point-source acoustic alignment for precise audio focus and response
  • 31/2" (89 mm) Mid-Bass driver featuring;
    • – MMP II (Metal Matrix Polymer) cone technology
    • – Advanced FEA simulation used to optimise the cone & motor unit performance
  • 3/4" (19 mm) soft dome tweeter with thermal protection
  • Integrated stand-mount point and wall bracket (compatible with MASM bracket)
  • Rear cover concealing binding posts
Mass Subwoofer
  • Compact, sealed enclosure with braced 15 mm MDF construction and rigid 18 mm MDF baffle
  • Custom-weave cloth finish grille
  • 8" (203 mm) long-throw driver with MMP II cone
  • 120 W Class-D amplification for efficient, powerful performance
  • Digital Sound Processing DSP providing accurate filter characteristics
  • Advanced limiters guarantee controlled, authentic sound
  • 3 pre-set modes (‘Music’, ‘Movie’, ‘Impact’) for superlative acoustics

Monitor Audio Mass Specifications
Mass Satellite
Frequency Response 105Hz - 34 kHz
Bass Driver 89mm MMP II
Treble Driver 19mm Soft Dome
Sensitivity 80 dB ( 1W @ 1M )
Power Handling 70 Watts
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Dimensions 147 x 122 x 107 MM
 ( H x W x D )
Weight (Each) 1.12 Kg
Mass Subwoofer
Output Power 120 Watts
Frequency Response 30 - 150Hz ( -6dB )
Driver Size 200mm
Inputs Stereo RCA
LFE Direct
Enclosure Type Sealed
Weight 10.2 Kg
Dimensions 359 x 320 x 350mm
H, W, D
 Authorised Monitor Audio Speaker retailer and custom installer based in Bodmin, Cornwall 



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ShadyAdi from Cornwall -

Much better than a soundbar

After spending lots of time talking to Sharon at Premier Sounds she advised me to go for the mass system over a soundbar. I'm so glad I did it fills the room well and we have no need to go to the cinema again.

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