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Blu-Ray Player - Since Oppo left the UHD Bluray player market there was a space left on the throne, one that Pioneer was glad to fill with the UDP LX500. Experience your movies in the best quality available.
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"Pioneer’s premium 4K player delivers a double
whammy of superb picture and awesome sound quality.
If your system warrants it, buy with confidence
What Hi-Fi 5 Star Review - Feb 2019

OUR VERDICT - Life of Pi in 4K Blu-ray looks spectacular. The colourful scenes of Pi stranded on the vast ocean while the sun sets around him are breathtakingly crisp and vivid. Every ounce of detail – from the rough texture of his sun-exposed skin to the silky smooth clear water is etched out with superb clarity and subtlety. Each strand of the CGI tiger’s fur looks so tactile that you want to reach out and pet him.

Colours are effusive, inviting you to look deeper into every inch of the screen. The Pioneer goes for an appealing colour balance that’s aimed to impress – reds, blues and yellows are richly hued – but they don’t ever look unnatural. The player’s talents don’t get any less exciting when watching normal Full HD Blu-ray. Switch to a more natural-looking palette such as The Imitation Game , and the skin tones are nicely textured and shaded in a realistic manner. Motion is stable, too, keeping the action smooth even when faced with tricky slow-panning shots. Bright whites and dark blacks are handled expertly. The white text on computer screens in The Martian (4K Blu-ray) is stark and clean against smooth blues.

Reflections shine in a way that’s appealing, while the vast Martian landscape is perfect for showing off the various red, brown, orange hues on the 4K HDR disc. There’s a certain glossiness to the Oppo’s picture that makes it alluring, but it does so without compromising its hold on reality. Characters and objects seem to pop out in a most impressive manner, too, keeping your attention hooked to the pictures.

The Pioneer does the same thing with sound as it does with its picture, Star Trek Beyond’s soundtrack is a grand, dynamic affair. There’s a rousing sense of build up as Michael Giacchino’s score blares through the cinema system in our demonstration room, with the Pioneer handling the orchestral dips and soars with plenty of grip and precision. Detail is crisp and punchy, too. There’s a real solid smack when aliens thud against glass windows, for instance, while voices go that bit deeper, sounding more natural and expressive.

These traits mean that this Pioneer 4K Blu-ray Player will be a fine asset to any Home Cinema system - Thoroughly Recommended.

Experience The Magic

Pioneer’s brand-new universal disc player brings the spectacle of Ultra HD Blu-ray™ to your home entertainment, with four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD. Featuring three-block internal layout, Ultra Rigid Construction, and Double-Layered Chassis for a robust build, 6-layered main circuit board, SDR/HDR preset mode, and support for HDR10/Dolby Vision for quality picture, as well as premium audio DAC and Zero Signal Terminal for high-grade sound, the UDP-LX500 lets you enjoy the highest video resolution as well as your other digital disc collections. Ultra HD Blu-ray is the latest disc format with up to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD. In addition to Ultra HD Blu-ray, the UDP-LX500 is compatible with regular Blu-ray™, DVD, SACD, and audio CD, so you can enjoy the highest video resolution, as well as your digital disc collection on a single disc player.

Power, Precision & Detail

The blocks for power supply, drive/digital processing, and analogue audio are separated into three to eliminate electrical and magnetic interference between the blocks. The 1.6 mm-thick chassis base is reinforced with a 3 mm-thick steel plate Rigid Under Base. This Double-Layered Chassis structure provides a low centre-of-gravity and overall rigidity that prevents the transfer of external vibration to the inner chassis, and offers a superior reading of the disc. A 6-layered IVH is used for the main circuit board to thoroughly eliminate digital noise. This optimises the digital signal wiring and minimises GND impedance, and dramatically improves S/N ratio in audio/video signal processing. The 18 Gbps transmission through the latest HDMI standard becomes even more precise.

From The Ground Up

The Zero Signal Terminal is a Pioneer-original feature dedicated to tuning audio and video quality without signal transmission. By connecting the Zero Signal Terminal with the audio/video input terminal of an AV receiver etc., the reference level (GND) of the audio/video signals is aligned between the two devices, and the potential difference is suppressed, allowing a precise and high-quality signal transmission.

Pioneer UDP-LX500 Specifications
HDMI 2 Out - 1 For Video/Audio
1 For Audio Only
Digital Coax 1
Optical 1
USB Input 2 - 1 Front & 1 Rear
Other Connections Ethernet
Analogue Audio Out ( Unbalanced )
Zero Signal Terminal
Dimensions 435 x 118 x 337 MM ( H x W x D )
Weight 10.3 Kg
 Authorised Pioneer Electronics retailer and custom installer based in Bodmin, Cornwall 



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What Hi-Fi from UK -

The high praise doesn’t stop with the player’s sound quality. The Pioneer UDP-LX500 delivers a fantastic picture too. It’s close to that of the Panasonic DP-UB9000, but just about edges it in terms of outright detail and clarity.

Type Blu-Ray Player
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Brand Pioneer
Condition New
Product Code UDP-LX500