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  • Optoma UHZ65LV

    Optoma UHZ65LV

    4K Laser Projector - Looking to upgrade or jumping straight in, the UHZ65 LV from Optoma is destined to impress with its vivid images and pin sharp accuracy.
  • Optoma UHZ65UST

    Optoma UHZ65UST

    £3,299.00 £3,999.00
    Ultra Short Throw 4K Laser Projector - Enjoy the big screen thrills without having to rearrange your room. Everything you need in one package, Just Add Popcorn.
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Projectors - Big Screen Entertainment

For a truly cinematic experience you cannot beat the lure of a big screen. Big screen TV's are coming down in price every year however, the cost to screen size ratio of a television isn't as attractive as a projector.

With some of the latest Ultra Short Throw projectors you can achieve a 100 inch screen with the projector placed only half a metre away. A modern projector doesn't have to be used in a perfectly dark room either, thanks to increased light output you can enjoy a movie with the curtains open. Projector manufacturers have realised that their products are no longer reserved for the most elite AV enthusiasts, this means that prices have come down, performance has gone up and features are high on the list of priorities. As such some new 4K projectors include built in streaming services such as Netflix and Youtube, wifi connectivity and upgraded speakers.

It goes without saying that if you are an AV connoisseur then naturally there are projectors that have the quality and performance that will make your local cinema visits a thing of the past. As Home Cinema Installation specialists we work closely with a carefully selected group of manufacturers to ensure that we can offer you the most suitable projector for your needs.