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  • Focal Chora 816 Cinema Package

    Focal Chora 816 Cinema Package

    5.1 Speaker Package - The Chora 816 Cinema Speaker Package brings a performance that will make you want to watch your movies over and over again.
  • Monitor Audio Apex A10AV12

    Monitor Audio Apex A10AV12

    5.1 Speaker Package - The ultimate performance from a lifestyle cinema package can only be achieved with the delectable Apex A10AV12 from Monitor Audio.
  • Monitor Audio Mass

    Monitor Audio Mass

    5.1 Speaker Package - Ditch the soundbar and opt for an immersive cinematic experience courtesy of the beautifully compact yet immersive Monitor Audio Mass System.
  • Monitor Audio Monitor Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack 200

    Monitor Audio Monitor Dolby Atmos Cinema Pack 200

    £1,099.00 £1,255.00
    5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Speaker Package - A Monitor Audio Dolby Atmos speaker package at this price, yes you can believe your eyes. 3D Dolby Atmos entertainment is only a click away.
  • Monitor Audio Radius R90HT1

    Monitor Audio Radius R90HT1

    5.1 Speaker Package - Setting the benchmark at this price point, the Monitor Audio Radius R90HT1 is sleek, powerful and refined.
Shop for home cinema speakers and surround sound speakers at Emotivv , Cornwall UK​​​​​​​

If you're after surround sound speakers, then you've come to the right place. Our installer picked selection includes tiny satellites to full-size floorstanders, plus plenty in between.

A speaker package is designed by the manufacturer so that each speaker works in harmony with the others, timbre matching (the tone of the speaker is the same in every channel so that moving effects sound consistent) phase matching (a speaker has its limits so when the speaker has done as much as it can the subwoofer will take over, phase matching is critical to achieve this properly) and of course design is key as in a package every speaker will have the same aesthetics meaning your chosen package will compliment your room.  So whether you're after sleek and discreet or big and brawny, our selection of packages hand picked by our installers is sure to have something for you.

Choosing a speaker is no easy task, we know that, to make your decision easier we have chosen some of the best brands and products available. The best balance between sound quality and size, standmount or bookshelf speakers as they are commonly known, offer a great sound quality for a variety of applications, whether on their own as part of a a Hifi set-up, or with a subwoofer in a home cinema system. Standmount speakers will require a platform to rest on, hence the name bookshelf speakers, manufacturers are now producing dedicated stands for each speaker range that are matched aesthetically however you can choose whichever stand you like just make sure to check the dimensions are appropriate for your chosen speaker.

For a powerful, assertive sound, floorstanding speakers are ideal. Their increased size gives them deeper bass response than conventional standmount speakers and allows them to fill a larger room with ease.

Ceiling speakers are becoming more of an essential component of our everyday living as they can be used to discretely play your music around your home without being noticed. Ceiling speakers are also an essential part of the necessary ingredients for creating a true Dolby Atmos experience.