Spendor A7 Floorstanding Speakers

Taking everything a speaker should do and producing it in such a neat package is no easy task. The Spendor A7 speakers will make you explore your music collection with a grin on your face.
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Spendor A7 Review - What Hifi Awards - Premier Sounds Cornwall
"Gorgeous with vocals, detailed and
dynamically expressive, these elegant
Spendor floorstanders delight at every turn"

'What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine'
 Best Floorstanding Speaker Over £2000

Floorstanding Speakers - Spendor A7

OUR OPINION - If you have read our review of the Spendor A4 then please excuse us, the A7 does everything the A4 can do but they do it in a bigger, more seductive and enjoyable way.

The Spendor A7 are simply and unequivocally sublime - That's it, full stop, no more needs to be said, buy a pair as you will love them. We could stop there and be happy that we have upheld our end of the bargain but Google likes lots of words on a page so I am going to have to carry on. How can such a small and unassuming speaker produce such a great performance ? That's something we ask every time we play them in our demo room and its hard to pinpoint why the Spendor A4 are so likable. They have an uncanny trait of making you sit in your favourite seat and enjoy the music for longer than you intended. Even poor recordings or Bluetooth streamed music sounds acceptable enough to draw you in.

Don't let the size of the Spendor A7 fool you, the amount of bass ( Low end extension to you audiophiles ) these little boxes can produce is quite a feat of magic, especially for a single driver. As an example, I am quite fond of Deep House or Chilled House or whatever it is called this week, which usually tends to have quite a deep bass line so one of the first things cued up on Tidal is 'The Night Life' by Miguel Campbell Feat Beccs Lott'. This has a mixture of repetitive, punchy deep bass notes and a silky female vocal that proves to be a great track to get the measure of a speakers credentials. The A7 simply gets on with it and punches out the bass line like a night club hero to the point that I can feel my chest thumping from the sheer presence of the A7, the female vocal is portrayed beautifully with a great sense of raw realism creating the illusion that you are in the recording studio whilst this track was being created. In fact the whole frequency response seems to be beautifully judged without too much emphasis on any single part.

In short the Spendor A7 do exactly what a speaker should do, they don't take over your living space and they allow you to enjoy whatever music you are listening to with a massive smile on your face. - THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED

Small Footprint. Immersive Scale

The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers prove you don’t need a big space, or budget, to enjoy dynamic, open and exhilarating sound. If you’re someone who truly loves music, whichever model you chose, they will add a whole new dimension to your listening pleasure. They are slim, compact and you can place them easily and unobtrusively into your living space and they will fill the room with a clear captivating sound, and thanks to innovative Spendor technology the A-Line loudspeakers will get the very best from whatever equipment you have. The new Spendor A-Line loudspeakers deliver class leading performance. They are the most adaptable and affordable loudspeakers Spendor have ever created.

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Type Floorstanding
Frequency Response 32Hz - 25kHz
Design 2-way floorstanding
Crossover Frequency 3.7kHz
Amplifier Requirements 25-200 watts
Sensitivity 88dB
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Finish Black Ash, Dark Walnut, Natural Oak and Satin White
Product dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 934 x 180 x 305 mm
Weight 18kg


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Brand Spendor
Condition New