SVS SB4000 | 4000 Watt Subwoofer | Premier Sounds
SVS SB4000 | 4000 Watt Subwoofer | Premier Sounds
SVS SB4000 | 4000 Watt Subwoofer | Premier Sounds
SVS SB4000 | 4000 Watt Subwoofer | Premier Sounds
SVS SB4000 | 4000 Watt Subwoofer | Premier Sounds

SVS SB-4000 Subwoofer

SVS are on a role with their Subwoofers, the SB4000 has picked up a Best Buy award. Home Cinema Choice were impressed and so are we, need we say more?
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SVS SB 4000 Subwoofer review - Home Cinema Choice Best Buy
"Genuinely subsonic, and its room-loading capabilities
prove outstanding. Impossible to unsettle. Textbook definition
 of great home cinema bass; deep, clean and fast,
 and easily integrated with your speaker system.
A peerless bass generator."

SB-4000 Subwoofer Review - Home Cinema Choice
Best Buy Award - April 2018


4000 Watt Active Subwoofer - SVS SB-4000

OUR VERDICT - Lets face it, when SVS introduce a new High End Subwoofer such as the SB4000 you know you are in for a treat. The SB-13 Ultra received critical acclaim from the worlds reviewers and home cinema enthusiasts alike however, SVS have taken their new model even further by utilising technologies from the flagship SVS 16 Ultra models.

Obviously all of that power is an excellent feature but its the sound that matters. SVS have used a High resolution 50Mhz Analog Devices Audio DSP which features double precision 56bit filtering. This is the most advanced subwoofer processor available for perfect audio reproduction.

The SVS SB4000 features a massively powerful Sledge 1,200-watt continuous Class D design with 4,000+ watts of Peak Power. The amplifier also features unmatched intelligence by utilising user adjustable low pass, phase, polarity and room gain compensation with three parametric EQs and port tuning (Ported models only) for absolute best alignment with speakers and optimised performance in any room.

What becomes apparent quickly is that the SVS SB-4000 is not simply in the business of rattling internal organs. The power available is harnessed in such a way as to be almost delicate at times. The shootout sequence with the undercover cops in getaway-driver caper Baby Driver (Blu-ray) never loses the musicality built into the scene, while still serving up gunfire that you can feel as well as hear. SVS's driver starts and stops with impressive speed for something as large as it is. I could sit here and praise the SVS SB 4000 all day but neither you nor me have the time for that so to cut this short I will conclude with my verdict...100%, totally and utterly recommended - I WANT ONE

Unparalleled Low Frequency Depth, Power and Detail
The SVS SB-4000 powered subwoofer demolishes all preconceived notions about subwoofer performance and technology by taking command of any room with deep, effortless bass and adding visceral energy to every listening experience. With trickle down technology from the 16-Ultra Series, named top subwoofers in the world by nearly every audio publication and industry group in 2017, the SB-4000 obliterates expectations and delivers a level of unrivalled subwoofer performance only available from SVS.

High-Excursion SVS Driver
The SB-4000 subwoofer delivers on the full potential of the Sledge STA-1200D amplifier’s power with precision and control to produce room energising SPLs and effortless low frequency extension with pinpoint accuracy at all drive levels.  Dual ferrite magnet motor assembly weighing 18kg generates immense magnetic force and excursion of the 13.5-inch driver to produce massive low frequency output well below the limits of human hearing.

Sledge Amplifier – Massive Output, Sophisticated DSP
Rated conservatively at 1,200 watts RMS, and 4,000+ watts peak power, the SB-4000 Sledge STA-1200D amplifier uses an efficient Class D design combined with fully discrete MOSFET output and a sophisticated Analog Devices DSP engine. The result is a level of effortless power and advanced processing not available from any other powered subwoofer manufacturer.

SB-4000 Smartphone App – Manage Subwoofer DSP and Control
Groundbreaking smartphone app works with Apple iOS® and Android® devices to unleash the full depth, force and nuance of the SB-4000 powered subwoofer by controlling all DSP functions including: volume, parametric EQ, low pass filter, phase, polarity, room gain, port tuning, custom presets and system settings. 3-band parametric EQ controller allows precise adjustments for frequency slope and Q factor down to the single Hz level with four different slopes, so users can improve performance by eliminating peaks, nulls and other room issues.

Rigidly Braced Sealed Box Cabinet Design
Inlaid front panel display, rounded edges and a curved metal grille on the sealed box SB-4000 cabinet give it a refined yet commanding look that blends visually with home theatres and high-end audio systems. It’s sealed cabinet design results in tighter, more musical bass and make it significantly more compact than ported box subwoofers with similar specs. Double thick 2-inch MDF front baffle and rigid internal bracing to support the massive drive unit and to ensure an acoustically inert environment.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​SVS SB4000 Subwoofer Specifications
Colour Finish Premium Black Ash | Piano Gloss Black 
Grille Protective non-resonant steel mesh grille
Driver Front-firing 13.5" driver
Amplifier Rear-mounted amplifier
Rated Power 1200 Watts RMS 4000 Watts Peak
Frequency Response 19-310Hz ± 3 dB - 2 metre ground plane away from reflective structures (quasi-anechoic).
Cabinet Construction Robust Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) Cabinet Construction
Cabinet Dimensions H-W-D Without Grille 465mm x 453mm x 473mm 
With Grille 465mm x 453mm x 530mm
Shipped Dimensions (598mm) x (598mm) x (712mm)
Weight Unboxed 46.6kg
Shipped Weight 53.45kg
Included Accessories Protective Non-Resonant Steel Mesh grill | IR Remote Control | 
High Current 6" Power Cord | Elastomer Feet 

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Model SB-4000
Colour Black
Type Sealed Subwoofer
Watts 4000
Brand SVS
Condition New