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Tannoy Hifi & Home Cinema Speakers

The name 'Tannoy' is synonymous with audio, since 1926 they have been regarded as the pioneers of loudspeaker design. They even managed to get their name in the Oxford Dictionary, that's no mean feat. With over 90 years of audio experience you can rest assured that Tannoy products deliver exceptional performance, key to this performance is their 'Dual Concentric Driver' which means that all sound is coming from one point rather like a human voice. Tannoy's inventory of products covers all aspects of audio including Hifi Speakers, Home Cinema Speakers, Subwoofers, Ceiling Speakers and Outdoor Speakers. It seems only fair that such good speakers deserve an award and the Tannoy brand has picked up several, the latest being at the 'What Hifi Awards 2016' where they achieved 'Best Floorstanding Speaker £1000 - £2000' where they commented "These Tannoys are something special - they fire out an infectious, entertaining sound". As Cornwall's Premier Hifi, Home Cinema, Wireless Multiroom & Smart Home specialists we are proud to offer you products from Tannoy.